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John Green tries so hard to be good and I quite literally do not have time for people who can’t see that

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  • NAME: Lindley "Linny" Marceline Morgan 
  • AGE: 25
  • BIRTHDATE: June 06, 1988
  • OCCUPATION: Criminal, otherwise N/A 
  • FACE CLAIM: Carey Mulligan

"This is what we do, baby. We nightmare you."

Lindley Morgan was never supposed to be born. Thomas and Molly Morgan already had three children to support, and while they had little to no struggles when it came to money, Thomas Morgan didn’t want another child. Molly was never supposed to become pregnant once more. Three boys was more than enough for the man to handle. That was, until little Linny came along. Her mother loved Linny unconditionally. She was the baby girl that she had always wanted and felt like she deserved. Her father, on the other hand, was more passive than most and hardly paid attention to the little girl and instead focused most of his time toward her three older brothers. For most of her life, that’s what Linny thought love was. She knew the love of a mother, but never the love of a father or the love of a sibling. 

She grew up to be a perfect little lady. Always doing her best in school, Linny succeeded with flying colors. She graduated the top of her class and seemed to be going on the right track. It was when she was supposed to start applying for universities that Linny decided that she didn’t really want to be someone’s idea of a perfect little lady. She wanted to go out, see the world and do something crazy. “Something crazy” wasn’t going to school or being someone’s wife. After confronting her father one evening about what she wanted to do with her life, and not what he wanted, she had earned herself a slap across the face and a stern talking to telling her that, being his daughter, she had no other choice than to do what he wanted. 

Being as graceful as ever, Linny took the punishment and turned it into something more. There was no way that this man was going to tie her down and make her something that she wasn’t. Linny began to do her research and make sure that her father never stood in her way again. After months and months of making sure she was going to do this right, Linny cornered her father in his study one night and shot him straight in the head. 

Linny found it incredibly easy to play the role of heartbroken daughter when she heard the news of her father’s murder. They never even suspected a broken hearted daughter for the death of Thomas Morgan. And Linny loved the rush of it all. The adrenaline of it all was what she wanted in life. She didn’t exactly decide on a life of crime, instead she decided on a life of that rush. 

Ezekiel Churchill was never supposed to come into Linny’s life. He was simply there one day as she argued with her banker over the next deposit of her father’s life insurance money. It was beginning to develop into a screaming match before the man stepped in and told the woman supposed to be helping Linny that “the customer was always right”. The pair of them have been almost inseparable since. 


  • Linny lives in a small apartment off her father’s life insurance money.
  • Since committing the murder, she has dabbled in a few petty crimes. Most of them being theft and robbery. 
  • She documents all her adventures in a little moleskin notebook she keeps in her purse.

i still wanna play this girl emily

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Name: Felix Flint
Nicknames/Alias: N/A
Face Claim: Grant Gustin (Previously Dan Howell)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Orientation: Panromantic Homosexual
Date/Place of Birth: May 18th, 1996. London, England. 
Currently: Camp Half Blood
Nationality: English
Occupation: Camper


Childhood/Family Life: Felix was his mother’s secret weapon. He inherited something not many children of Nemesis did. Little did Felix know, she was just using him to carry out some of her duties. He thought of it as being her favorite. He let his pride fog his vision about his mother. Felix loved his father, though he preferred his godly mother. His sister was his best friend, and that’s how it was always going to be. 
Accomplishments: Felix is insanely proud of what he’s been able to do just by speaking to people. He’s ruined lives, hurt people, and on a few occasions, did something good. 
Regrets: Felix regrets pushing all of his brothers away, except for Reuben, because of Acel. 
Secrets: Felix likes to cheat on the people he’s seeing.


Positives: Clever, cunning, ambitious, reliable.
Flaws: Power hungry, possessive, jealous, stubborn.
Personality Type: ENTJ
Archetype: The Temptress  
Likes & Dislikes: Likes: sex, dogs, travelling, being in control, alcohol, running, singing. Dislikes: Apollo, reading, blood.
Dreams/Ambitions: Felix just wants to be normal.
Fears: Darkness.


Parents:  Nemesis and Benjamin Flint
Siblings: Charlotte Flint, Juliana Ramos, Reuben Crane, Devon Vendicarsi
Children: AU!Eloise Flint, Braxton Flint, and Aspen Flint 
Spouse: AU!Acel Ludovic
Current Partner: N/A
Ex-Partners: Acel Ludovic, Charlie Fletcher, Ganymede
Friends: Spencer Whittemore, Lia Johnson, Margot Brown, Alex Hillis
Enemies: Most of his siblings


Build: 6’3”, 160lbs, lean
Hair Colour: Sandy brown
Eye Colour: Green

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Name: Portland Montague
Nicknames/Alias: Monty
Face Claim: Mary Kate Wiles
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Orientation: Panromantic Pansexual
Date/Place of Birth: February 19th, 1998. Chicago, Illinois 
Currently: Camp Half Blood
Nationality: American
Occupation: Camper


Childhood/Family Life: Monty never knew who her father was and that was okay with her. Her mother was her best friend and she was all she really needed. Being a child of a minor god, Monty never really had to deal with monsters. Sure, they were always there, but somehow she managed to avoid them. 
Accomplishments: Monty has no accomplishments to speak of. 
Regrets: She wishes she got to tell Aaron how she felt about him, even if it was all sorts of wrong.  
Secrets: She is a demigod. In Layman’s terms, she can use attract like most children of Eros.


Positives: Sweet, dedicated, trustworthy, loving.
Flaws: Lazy, ignorant, childlike, weak.
Personality Type: ENFP
Archetype: The Mediator  
Likes & Dislikes: Likes: sleeping, chinchillas, cuddling, cake, Van Gogh. Dislikes: drinking, Mr. D, the forest, open water. 
Dreams/Ambitions: Monty wants to become stronger at camp because she, at this point, feels useless to everyone around her.
Fears: Drowning.


Parents:  Eros and Carol Montague.
Siblings: Aaron Strife
Children: N/A 
Spouse: N/A
Current Partner: N/A
Ex-Partners: Sebastian Mark.
Friends: Spencer Whittemore, Acel Ludovic
Enemies: Aphrodite cabin


Build: 5’0” 105, slim
Hair Colour: Ginger
Eye Colour: Blue

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I don’t wanna be at this hoo ha

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Name: Elijah Archer
Nicknames/Alias: ’Lijah, Eli
Face Claim: Ian Harding
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heteroromantic Heterosexual
Date/Place of Birth: 20th November, 1992. The Hollow, Newfoundland, Canada
Currently: The Hollow
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Lawyer


Childhood/Family Life: The Archer household was a strict one. Elijah did what he was told and that was that. If he didn’t, there would be serious consequences. He learned that from an early age. He cared deeply for both his parents, but cared for his mother much more. 
Education: Elijah has degrees in criminal justice and law.
Accomplishments: Elijah graduated with honors two years early and quickly became a partner at his father’s firm.
Regrets: Elijah regrets not doing what he wanted to do with his life - which isn’t law.  
Secrets: His entire relationship with Riley is a secret.


Positives: Intelligent, dedicated, determined, hardworking, clever.
Flaws: Stubborn, headstrong, cocky, selfish
Personality Type: ESTP
Archetype: The Anti-hero 
Likes & Dislikes: Likes: alchemy, coffee, bread, proving his father wrong, sex. Dislikes: musicals, the smell of old books, poetry, waiting in line. 
Dreams/Ambitions: At this point in his life, Elijah is completely lost. He doesn’t know what his dreams are at this point.
Fears: Losing himself.


Parents:  Benjamin and Amelia Archer.
Siblings: N/A
Children: N/A 
Spouse: N/A
Current Partner: Riley Breaux
Ex-Partners: Graham Baron, unnamed female character.
Friends: Graham Baron, Coral Woodward
Enemies: Hadley Cantrell, Harlan Tarver


Build: 5’11”, 160, lean.
Hair Colour: Dark brown/black
Eye Colour: Blue

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Name: Bambi Kinder
Nicknames/Alias: Mudblood (It happened twice that means I can put it here)
Face Claim: Zoe Sugg
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heteroromantic Heterosexual
Date/Place of Birth: 10th January, 1995. The Hollow, Newfoundland, Canada
Currently: The Hollow
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: N/A


Childhood/Family Life: Bambi never knew who her biological parents were. Being born a witch meant she had to cut herself off from them completely. She grew up in a home with other muggleborn children because she didn’t have a choice. The Hollow was where she was supposed to be. She got along well enough with the other children and never really stood out much.  
Education: Bambi attended two years of high school, and was forced to drop out.
Accomplishments: Bambi made it out through the forest into the muggle world, and back in two years later without dying.
Regrets: Bambi’s biggest regret is not telling Titus she was leaving. Not telling him that she was being forced to leave really tore her apart.  
Secrets: Where do I even begin? Titus is her biggest secret. Well. She is his secret. She has to keep his secret. What went on in the muggle world is another. All of her run ins with Gabriel are another secret of hers.  


Positives: Kind, friendly, excitable, powerful, loving
Flaws: Overzealous, dependent, naive, lonely
Personality Type: ESFJ
Archetype: The Wanderer 
Likes & Dislikes: Likes: tea, puppies, Disney films, peppermint, sweaters. Dislikes: fire, magic, most purebloods. 
Dreams/Ambitions: Her dream is to get back at Gabriel for all of the shit he put her through.
Fears: Letting Gabriel Hollow win and destroy what she has.


Parents:  Sara Kinder.
Siblings: N/A
Children: N/A 
Spouse: N/A
Current Partner: Titus Lake
Ex-Partners: N/A
Friends: Spencer Ludovic, Mulligan Sanders, Riley Breaux
Enemies: Gabriel Hollow, Hadley Cantrell, Cedrick Lake


Build: 5’2”, 115 lbs, slim
Hair Colour: Light brown to blonde
Eye Colour: Blue

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Name: Coral Woodward
Nicknames/Alias: Wendy
Face Claim: Mary Kate Wiles
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heteroromantic Heterosexual
Date/Place of Birth: 14th May, 1995. The Hollow, Newfoundland, Canada
Currently: The Hollow
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Bookkeeper at Canterbury Tales


Childhood/Family Life: Up until Coral was about seven years old, life in the Woodward household was pleasant and loving. Both of her parents cared a great deal for her and only wanted the best for her daughter seeing as she suffered from a heart condition. When Coral was seven, her father Dorian was “arrested” by Gabriel Hollow and his army. She fell ill soon thereafter. She likes to think it’s because of heartache, but her doctor and her mother would not put up with the stories. 
Education: Coral has a high school diploma, but no higher education.
Accomplishments: Coral is able to work and keep a steady job, even if it wears her down pretty quickly.
Regrets: Her only regret is not helping her father when he was being taken away, even though she could have at least tried.  
Secrets: Her and Graham have a secret hideaway in the forest even though it is highly illegal. The only other person who knows is Riley. 


Positives: Loyal, intelligent, kindhearted, motherly
Flaws: Naive, innocent, too trusting
Personality Type: ISFP
Archetype: The Innocent
Likes & Dislikes: Likes: books, reading, writing, kittens, hot chocolate, chocolate in general. Dislikes: math, Harlan Tarver, birds, red peppers. 
Dreams/Ambitions: Her dream is to marry Graham and start a family.
Fears: Watching everyone she loves fall victim to Gabriel Hollow.


Parents:  Marina and Dorian Woodward
Siblings: N/A
Children: N/A 
Spouse: N/A
Current Partner: Graham Baron
Ex-Partners: N/A
Friends: Riley Breaux, Elijah Archer, Adella Marcotte, Spencer Ludovic
Enemies: Harlan Tarver, Gabriel Hollow, Titus Lake


Build: 5’0”, 105 lbs, slim
Hair Colour: Ginger
Eye Colour: Blue

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have a gif of Simon doing the death wiggle <3

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